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Help your student achieve their maximum potential at school and beyond.

College admissions are more competitive than ever. Will your child stand out?

Who can benefit from a writing tutor?

Students who want high marks and to attend a top school.

Students who have trouble staying on task outside the classroom.

Students with difficulty learning in groups who would benefit from 1:1 attention.

Students who are falling behind in the subjects of writing and reading comprehension.

Students who are considering a career in writing.


Writing skills last a lifetime.


Areas covered by writing tutoring:

  • Writing mechanics (grammar, structure, organization, punctuation, etc…)
  • Reading comprehension and analytical skills
  • Communicating effectively via email
  • Effective organization of thoughts and information
  • Essay writing
  • Research techniques
  • Brainstorming methods

The majority of high school students are unprepared for college level writing. Is your child one of them?

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